Carnival 9

Carnival 9 started as a simple idea: ask five questions to people I admire. I had two goals in mind: get answers to those questions, and in the process, see how to reach people who were outside of my network of contacts.

The first part was very gratifying, not only did I get to exchange emails with smart and interesting people, I also got answers to silly questions I had. The second part, reaching people outside my network, was an interesting learning experience in how to get people to talk . In total there were 4 published posts, and for each one of those there were at least 3 that never made it (either because the person never replied or because they didn't want to talk).

As of April '14 I'm not adding any more interviews to the site and the reason is simple: I don't believe in the format.

I'd like to restart this someday, doing full interviews instead of asking five questions to entertain myself.